More than a look, it's a vibe

We are proud to help carry the torch of its historical value into the digital era by providing online shoppers the ability to seek inspiration from category-specific Influencers and have it delivered to their front door.

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Ease of Use

Repurpose your content deployed to other platforms to support increased profitability on Dolled Up without the additional effort and resources of your creative teams.

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Increase Shoppers

By grouping interests into categories, Dolled Up users are seamlessly introduced to your content, producing incremental shoppers and revenue!

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Advantages of working with
Dolled Up

Dolled Up is an Influencer centric platform providing one of the most effective tools for attracting intentional shoppers. By providing a category-specific search, Dolled Up shoppers focus on particular items and inspiration without distraction.

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Get Dolled Up
with me

Dolled Up will feature unique and inspirational pages designed for Influencers to share vision, tips, and tricks with Dolled Up shoppers: from skincare and makeup tips to category-specific outfits and Accessories.

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Rising Stars

Dolled Up will spotlight new up-and-coming designers with unique styles and concepts that elevate the fashion industry. Think Project Runway in the tech and Influencer space.


Collections allows anyone to capture and share various looks, styles, and adventures into a story on Dolled Up (up to two minutes).

All the unique features you need


Each Brand and Influencer storefront will be synced for convenience. Shoppers can have separate transactions from multiple sources without having to leave Dolled Up.

Save & Bookmark Favorites

Users can save posts and add to a specific folder of their choosing. One saved, they can easily find the post in their custom folders and continue shopping.

Influencer Spotlights

A boosting tool for Influencers to highlight specific looks and items within our feed, which we call The Runway.

Sync your Status

Influencers can sync their IG and Tik Tok follower status to appear on their Dolled Up Profile. No more starting from scratch!

Transfer Posts

Influencers will have the ability to transfer their most loved posts from IG & Tik Tok to appear on their Dolled Up Profile.

See Who Wore It

Find additional Influencers promoting the same or similar products